We are all appointed and charged with being the CEO of our lives.  We have executive power over how Love’s limitless good is managed and allocated in our life.  And the level of our CEO-ship is a result of decisions and choices we make each day.

Do you realize how many choices you make every day?  How many choices you have already made today?  We make choices about the food we eat, what to wear, whether to get up or not, where to sit, how to drive to work, what to think, what job or career and so on and so on.  These are all choices and decisions to manage our life and are stemmed from one of our 12 Powers.  It is our executive Power of Will.

This month we are looking at and working with The Power of Will.  Its color is silver and it is located in the frontal lobe behind the left eye.  The definition of will is, the ability to choose, decide, command, direct and determine.  It is our power to ignite action through choice.  We become a creator/cocreator with Love, using our Power of Will.

We all have a will. Our power comes from our capacity to exercise that will.  It empowers us and serves us to manifest as we so choose.

Think about this:  The Power of Will moves the other 11 faculties into action.

  1. What we choose to believe is our Power of Faith.
  2. When, where and for what do we stay the course is our Power of Strength.
  3. When we determine what to or how to judge and apply what we know is our Power of Wisdom.
  4. What we determine is our desire, need, for whom we have the highest regard is our Power of Love.
  5. What we decide to master or have dominion over is our Power of Power.
  6. What we choose to visualize is our Power of Imagination.
  7. What we decide to know is our Power of Understanding.
  8. What and when we organize, sequence or adjust is our Power od Order.
  9. What we decide to be are passionate about is our Power of Zeal.
  10. What we deny or get rid of is our Power of Elimination.
  11. What we decide to vitalize or enliven is our Power of Life.

Life boils down to a series of choices.  It is our Power of Will that makes these choices.

Victor Frankl who was in the concentration camps and was tortured beyond belief.  His family was killed.  He was stripped of all his clothing and all his belongings.  He come out of the camps and went on to be a successful doctor and author.  He wrote many books.  In Man’s Search for Meaning he said, “Everything can be taken from a man, but the one thing, the last of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.”  This is our Power of Will.  It is our willingness to see this as a gift, a choice.

Every religion recommends seeking a greater will or higher purposefulness.

Zen Proverb – “When the will is ready, the feet are light.”

Proverbs 25:28 – “Whoever has no rule over his own will, is like a city broken down with no walls.”

In Christianity, “Thy will be done” is a way of affirming the universal good expressing through us, as a whole, well-balanced person.  We are asking to be a channel for infinite good, to pour through us, out to humanity.  “Your will” is the fulfilment of life, love and wisdom and all spiritual power.  Love’s will for us all is health, love, compassion, prosperity, financial stability & peace of mind.  In Prayer – Are you willing to experience what you want?  Are you willing to feel uncomfortable?  Are you willing to forgive everyone?  This is when we call upon the Power of Will by being willing.

A person with a little or unhealthy, Power of  Will, gives in easily, can’t make up their mind or make decisions, with the slightest influence or bit of pressure, they collapse. This is underdeveloped Power of Will.  Sometimes we realize we have great will power in some areas of our lives and weak will power in others.  For me, I have a strong will when it comes to working out and not so strong when it comes to eating chocolate.

Underdeveloped or unhealthy Power of Will power can appear over developed.  It shows up as stubbornness, someone who is stuck in their ways, won’t listen, won’t allow any outside information to come in.  People with an underdeveloped or unhealthy will may say, “I made up my mind and I am not changing it.

In Divine Audacity, Linda Martella-Whitsett says “When we rely entirely on personal or human will power, our willfulness can become a handicap to fulfillment.”  Look at New Year’s resolutions, OR many of the world problems from genocide to global warming.”   She also explains how our power of choice, commitment and willingness activate the Power of Will in our lives.

         “Choice – The choosing power of will is our ability to desire one possibility among infinite possibilities.  Desire is driver of choice making and springs from discontent.  Curiosity is desire.  Worry is desire.  Confusion is desire.  Doubt is desire.  Desire searches for relief or fulfilment.  Our most successful choosing and most spiritual activation of will, follows wisdom, our power of judgement and discernment.  We then activate imagination, our power of conception, vision and creation.  From infinite possibilities we chose one.  One choice sets in motion a shift in consciousness.  We go from meandering discontent to a path toward fulfillment.

         “Commitment We chose one of infinite; determine it is ours and then commit to it.  Commitment places us on a path and leads to deliberate action.  Until we commit, we will vacillate from one thing to another.  This uses up a lot of energy and gets us nowhere.  We become scattered and aimless.  Committing to a path harnesses spiritual energy.  It frees our brain from aimless unproductively.  Commit to the path itself and not a future point of goal completion.  It puts our focus on each step we take and allows us to trust as we are guided.  Be willing to be guided.

         “Willingness If commitment is the sustaining power of will, willingness is the fuel that makes commitment possible.  Willfulness equates to mental determination – essential to achieving goals.  However, when used in a vacuum for personal gain, it becomes a negative attribute, the opposite of allowing.  To proceed with willfulness, we become uncooperative with fresh divine ideas that are always flowing. 

         In The 12 Powers of Man, Fillmore stated, “Stubborn, willful, resistant states of mind congest the life flow.”  Willingness is a state of allowing which is our capacity to welcome and receive our gifts.  Allowing is our ability to cooperate with the flow of divine ideas.  It is the state of staying flexible and alert to inner wisdom, it is a state of agreement.  Allow life to unfold, cooperate with the impulse of your Highest consciousness.  This is the way of the will.

The Powers of Love and Wisdom light up and direct the Power of Will.  Divine love, wisdom and understanding illumine and direct my will.

We all have the power to say I will or I won’t.  When we are really connected to our soul’s desire, we are now bringing in our heart (love and wisdom).  This is coming from that highest place in us.  That is when we have the power to do our highest and our best.  When our Will is aligned with Love and Wisdom, it gives us power.  If our will is only grounded in our senses and sense of self-gratification, we can easily let go of what we say we want.   There is not enough commitment.  But if our will is empowered by higher ideals, we will have strength and perseverance.  To stand for compassion, peace, equality, honoring the Divine in all, we have the strength to persevere.  It is the part of us that is in alignment with our soul’s purpose.

To summarize, activate and use your Power of Will by being willing, by being guided, by allowing the flow of Divine ideas to lead you to choosing your next good.