Let Go and Let Life

             Every Autumn mother nature gives us an exquisite example of letting go.  Take a breath and exhale.  We just experience the Power of Release – with every exhale we let-go of the air that we no longer need.  Inhale again, w/o exhaling take another breath, and again.  How does that feel?  Not great, I am sure.  Imagine keeping every breath.  Imagine keeping everything you have ever owned.  Keeping every thought, you have ever thought.  This would be overwhelming.  Most of us are not fond of letting go, but we must eventually.

As we let go, we allow life to flow through us.  As we let go, we allow love, energy, Spirit to flow through us.  But to do that we need to consciously activate our Power of Release or Renunciation.

            The Power of Release or Renunciation.is our Power to cleanse, renounce, to let go of, to forgive, to eliminate, to remove, to say no, erase the false.   This allows us to return to our true, our immutable, irrepressible Divine Identity!  When we let go of mental and physical stuff so, Love has space and a place to be realized.  The location of this power is in the lower bowels and the color is russet or brown

            It is the power to let go of that which no longer serves us!  The power to change our beliefs.  What are some obvious beliefs we may need to release?  I can’t afford…..  It’s a dog-eat-dog world.  Wars create peace.  Maybe a person or thing that you are worrying about, you need to let go of?  This is all “error” thinking and must be replaced with Truth.  The Truth that love is everything, in everyone and is everywhere.  That you are loved and of infinite worth.  That you are your best when you come from that place inside you that is peace.

Eckhart Tolle said, “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.”  The reason we don’t let it go because we think we can control it.  There is so much about our lives we cannot control – but what we can control is how we react or respond to what happens.  Our response is our greatest power!  One of the best moments in life is finding the courage to let go of what you cannot change.  It’s not holding on that is the issue, it’s what we are holding onto.  Sometimes the weight we want to lose, isn’t on our body.  The most expensive real estate on this planet isn’t in Dubai, or Singapore, NY or San Francisco, it’s the space or real estate in your mind.  What is taking up that space?  Don’t let anything or anyone or anything stay there for free.

           The thing is, not only do we have to let go of people, but also, thoughts, beliefs, patterns, places, jobs, things that have been good for us as well as things that have hurt us.  When we learn to let go, we make room for something greater.  And to let go in love.  Like the body, the mind can be overloaded but with thoughts that no longer serve us.  Both thoughts and food must be assimilated or eliminated, so the mind and bowels can be open and free to let in more!  We must let go of old thoughts to make room and make way for new consciousness, a higher consciousness.

To have perfect flow, you must release the good and bad and be in this moment.  Be in the here and NOW.  One tool for renunciation is forgiveness.   What is forgiveness – Giving away to a new thought.  Old habits, thoughts and beliefs can be eliminated.  Where do you have congestion of any kind?  Constipation? Sinus? Arteriosclerosis?  As in the body, so in the mind.  The mind, like the bowels should be open and free.  Damming the mind with unforgiveness, self-criticism or non-constructive beliefs, produces stinking thinking.

            In Divine Audacity, Linda Martella-Winslet says cleansing, renunciation and repentance are 3 aspects of the Power of Release.  Using them will not only help you feel better, but you will know more surely, your Infinite Self, your Divine Identity.              Cleansing is to clear the body and mind and restore equanimity.  It leads to refreshment – restores our awareness of our original and true divine nature.  Baptism – originally to cleanse us of our sins, or another way to see it is misunderstandings, because we cannot be separate from God, when we feel separate, we have to release misunderstandings with the Power of Release and know our oneness.

What is meant by renunciation is renouncing the comforts of the ego.  Releasing “Only human” consciousness is releasing our sense of limitation.  In this releasing, we reveal our Infinite Self.  In the Crucifixion, Jesus demonstrated release from any sense of himself as limited.  He released all ties to his human awareness so his infinite self, arose supreme.  In our activity of spiritual release, we cross out in consciousness, our only-human sense of self, so that the True self, our Divine Identity, arises into prominence in all we think, say and do.  Spiritual renunciation takes place when we cultivate an open mind and open heart, giving up every thought and belief we have clung to, becoming teachable through the activity of Spiritual Understanding.

Repentance is to rethink, have a change of mind.  We work out our own salvation by changing our mind.  We awaken to our sacredness by studying, meditating on and adopting the living principles as taught by Jesus and other masters all over the world.  To return to, to restore, come back.  No condemnation implied.  Only a releasing of the past.  By returning to our Divine Identity, we have restored our awareness of oneness.

We have revived our mind, body and spirit.

Letting go is foundational to our health on many levels: Physically – we inhale and we exhale.  If we did not do this we would die.  We eat food, assimilate and release it or we would die.  We drink water, absorb it and release that which we no longer need.  In our home, we take in new things and let go of those things we have out grown or no longer need.  Finally, Spiritually, our Power to let go in Spirit, otherwise known as the Power of Renunciation.  Where there is inflow there must be outflow and release.

Well, I don’t know about you, but it is not that easy.  I have been known not to let go until it has my claw marks in it.  It is a process of releasing we must go through.  Ultimately, we have to let go of everything when we die.  This is one reason meditation is a great practice to help learning to let go.

In the Bible, water was used as the symbol of cleansing.  The great flood (Noah’s Arc) took away the impurities.  The parting of the sea removed all threats.  This is why water baptism is used in preparation for receiving the Holy Spirit.  Releasing takes honesty, humility & courage.  What am I doing to myself and others?  Make taking this kind of honest, self-analysis a part of our spiritual practice.  We have to be willing to recognize and release what we believed was true, but it really is not.

When you come to a time in your life of overwhelm, it is time to let go and let God.  I have heard many people having a sense of, “Ahhh, I don’t like what’s going on in my life or in the world.  It’s too much. I can’t handle it, but I am going to keep trying to handle it myself.  I am going to figure it out.”  They don’t let go and let God.    They want to use these Spiritual principles so they can be in control and they will fix it with these principles.  This is taking the principle for our own ego’s use.  But what they atre realy doing is “Edging God Out” – EGO!

If you are overwhelmed or stressed in any area of your life, chances are, it is not just about doing more affirmations.  Are you really willing to let go?  It is easy to get swept away with all those beautiful affirmations we hear, but be careful if you find yourself saying affirmation after affirmation, yet you cannot forgive certain people in your life.  your neighbor, your parents, political figures, etc.  I want to keep affirming love, but I do not want to let that driver in front of me, I don’t want to forgive, I don’t want to let go of that.  I want to know I am a child of God and worthy of all I desire in life, but you better not ask me to give up my pride or righteousness as that suffering giver.   This may sound extreme but be honest with yourself where you may actually be doing this.

Another area is how do you give? We don’t always get what we give, so don’t expect that.  You will be sadly disappointed if you expect people to do for you, what you have done for them.  Not everyone has the same heart as you.   Expectations are premature resentments.  How about our desire to be perfect or to do things perfectly?  How much does this set us up for unhappiness/frustration.  We are incredibly imperfect. It is knowing this & accepting this that we find peace.  A moment spent worrying is a moment wasted.  Worrying will never change an outcome.  Stop worrying, train your mind to see the lesson in every situation and then make the best of it.  Have you ever heard, “If you pray, why worry?  If you worry, why pray?”  Thank about it!

Adaptive behaviors that we took on to survive, but no longer work for us.  Shutting down; Being tough; on guard or defensive; Being emotionally unavailable; Discounting or judging others; Dominating others; Being passive and then lashing out.   I invite you to look at what you have been wanting or inviting in your life, that might be stuck because there is another thought, belief that does not match the desire, in consciousness.

Letting go and replacing thoughts and behaviors, is a process of looking at what we are thinking, understanding it, releasing it and then replacing it.  Usually it’s the corollary – we want more love, but we haven’t forgiven; We want more financial abundance, but we hold on tightly to every penny we have; We want more prosperity, but we keep track of the debts other people owe us.  These are inconsistent beliefs in our consciousness.

           Also consider what served you in the past, that can now be left behind?  Thoughts and beliefs you have had since you were a child.  If we keep getting what we always got it is because we are doing and believing what we always believed.   We have not released those old stories or old beliefs.  These old thought “crystallizations” are the mental counterpart to saline build up in the Dead Sea, that has an inlet but no outlet.

Everything in the Dead Sea is dead because there is no outlet.  Thought crystallizes around long held beliefs that get reinforced in our experience.  Spiritually, renunciation takes place when we cultivate an open mind and an open heart, giving up every thought and belief we have clung to, becoming teachable through the activity of spiritual understanding.

One reason people do not want to look at their old beliefs and heal those old wounds is because many people don’t like to cry.  Newsflash – There isn’t a release process that doesn’t involve tears.  That feels very vulnerable. But it must be done.

Charles Filmore Quote – The 12 Powers of Man

“There must be a renunciation of letting go of old thoughts before the new can find a place in the consciousness.  This is a psychological law, which has its outer expression in the intricate eliminative functions of the body.

I will end with, since we have to let go, why not do it from choice vs, having claw marks in that which we need to let go of.  Let go and Let Life!

Some Affirmations:

Whatever I release will bless me.

I release all things to God the good.

I release myself to experience greater life by freely forgiving myself and others.