Theresa Crisci, founder of Total-balance Life Choice, once had a high-stress corporate job. In 1992, she took a relaxing vacation for the first time in many years. While meditating under the stars, the noisy chatter in her head subsided and Theresa had a powerful realization that changed her life.



At that moment, Theresa was inspired to give up her stressful job and become a massage therapist. Everything fell into place—she began her training immediately, finished in 1993, and started her on-site corporate wellness business in 1994.

Since then, Theresa and her associates have helped hundreds of corporate employees learn to relax, eat more sensibly, take better care of themselves—and, as a side benefit, be more productive at their jobs.

(Read more about Theresa Crisci in this article from the Hartford Business Journal: “Relaxing the Corporate Body”)

Theresa’s Philosophy

Mahatma Ghandi told his followers, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  Theresa believes in that philosophy and it guides her personal and professional life. She believes that you can change yourself and your world by starting with your own body. Mindful eating, daily exercise, adequate sleep, and reduced stress are the cornerstones to a healthy life. Theresa believes that anyone can make the decision to bring his or her life into better balance.

Theresa’s Corporate Experience

Theresa had a 13-year career in accounting, strategic planning, and new product development in major corporations like Cheseborough Ponds and SNET. Her experiences in these companies gave her insight into~

  • The unavoidable stresses of corporate life.
  • How employers can treat their employees like the valued assets they truly are.
  • How employees can be empowered to greater health, wellness, and productivity.


Besides her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, Theresa Crisci has the following qualifications for her health and wellness programs:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Training
  • Advanced Massage Training in Trager Method, Myofacial release and Nueromuscular Therapy
  • Courses in Stress Management, Meditation and Wellness Coaching from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and Trainings with Institute of Brain Potential