“Judgement day is always upon us”.  Whatever we call “it”, determines what “it” is in our lives.  We are always the judge.  Our choices determine our lives.  We decree a thing and it becomes that for us.  Every day and every minute of every day is judgement day, so it is IMORTANT TO USE WISDOM AND GOOD JUDGEMENT!

Today I am writing about the Power of Wisdom.  As we develop our personal consciousness into Spiritual consciousness, we begin to deliberately train, deepen our understanding and use these powers more effectively.  Wisdom is the ability to judge, evaluate, discern, and apply what is known.  Wisdom weighs a question and draws a conclusion.  Wisdom is also our intuition.  The gut feeling, something told me, I had a feeling.  Wisdom is intellect and intuition together.

Wisdom simply shines as the light from within that illuminates the way and reveals whatever needs to be shown at a particular time.  Some ways you can see if you are accessing your wisdom is ask yourself:

  • What am I calling things or situations?
  • What is the self-talk I use?
  • Do I make choices that lead to a fuller, better, healthier and more fulfilling life?

The day of judgement is every day of our lives because we must choose the quality of our thoughts, every day and every minute of every day.  We need to use our best wisdom and good judgement to choose what is worthwhile, helpful, healthy, healing, positive, peacemaking and for the good of all concerned.  Even when or, especially when we have tough decisions to make, we still need to rely on our Power of Wisdom and good judgment to choose wisely and compassionately.

          Judgement is not the same as being judgmental.  Judgement is about making decisions that are good decisions, good choices for all involved.  Be careful not to condemn yourself or others – that is being judgmental.

We apply this inner wisdom to the decision we make, the words we chose and the ideas and beliefs we hold in my mind.  Centered in Spirit, our decisions are made with direction and confidence.  Wisdom is guided by Love.  Wisdom/Discernment comes from experience but also from listening to the inner, still, small voice.  Intuitive wisdom is the Divine presence within us.  Who here has had a feeling and then followed that feeling?  Have you ever heard yourself say “Something told me” or “I had a feeling that…”? This is our connection to all that is.

The tempering compassionate Power of Love is needed to balance our Power of Wisdom/Discernment/Judgement.  Wisdom brings Love into balance.  Love without wisdom is lust, or love without boundaries – Dangerous territory.  When we do not have boundaries, we can get really hurt and abused.  Have you ever been in a relationship where you abandoned yourself for love of another?   I hope your answer is no, but if you have you know what I am talking about.

Love and Wisdom combined brings our mind and our spirit into balance – great synthesis.  We must make our decisions with faith, wisdom and love as our helpers in meeting the challenges in life.  We make our best, most creative and balance decisions when we combine rational and intuition.  We arrive at our best judgements when we honor our head and our heart, thoughts and feelings, logic and intuition.

Our prime function to judge is to make decisions – from the conscious realm not the subconscious or unconscious realm. A few ways to cultivate Wisdom from our conscious mind:

  1. ASKS – Ask and it is given; Seek and you shall find; Knock and the door will be opened.
  2. What is mine to do? What is my next step?  Not, why did this happen? Wisdom is knowing every encounter is a holy encounter. Knowing every challenge and opportunity has within it a great opportunity to grow and evolve.  Let compassion guide you.
  3. Ask, “Give me a discerning heart.”  To do this, there must be some unlearning of the worldly ways.  We have learned from family, friends, experiences, old patterns.
  4. “What is in the highest and best good for all involved?”  This may mean tough love and going against the grain of what is popular.
  5. These are the questions. The way we hear the answers is:
    • Meditation – Listen to the still, small voice.
    • Journaling
    • Quiet time in nature
    • Draw, sculpt, work on a hobby
    • Listen to meditative music
    • Pray


  • “I am wise and use good judgement.”
  • “I am balanced in my wisdom using my head and my heart”
  • “I am the light of Wisdom”

Knowledge is worth nothing without wisdom and love.  Turn on the Light of Wisdom and with your heart fully engaged, discover what is best for all involved.  Judgement day is upon us.  You always have a choice – make it for the good of all.

I invite you to make choices from and using the Power of Wisdom and discernment.  Knowing every step and choice we make from a place of wholeness, perfection and joy.