The Power of Imagination is the power of conception, vision and embodiment.  We do this by forming thoughts, mental pictures and images.  It is a primary power because it is essential for the cultivation of all our other spiritual capabilities,  The location of the faculty or power of imagination is in the middle of your forehead and the color is sky blue.  Imagination is perhaps the greatest tool for us to claim our Divine Identity.

As we develop our personal consciousness into spiritual consciousness, we begin to deliberately train, deepen our understanding and use our twelve inherent powers or faculties, more effectively.  Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.  The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”  Imagination is the doorway to dreams.  It is the vehicle of creativity and the momentum of exploration.  We are always in the presence of possibility that is brought to life, courtesy of the power of imagination.  It is the infinite energetic field of limitless possibilities awaiting us to make our dreams and ideas manifest here on earth. The un-manifest is waiting to be given life by your and my imagination!

As we invest time in meditation and rest in the silence, we access levels of consciousness above our current level – this is how we access our hearts desires.  We get this message of imagination and manifestation from many places and wise minds, not just Albert Einstein, and Charles Fillmore.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “What we can conceive and believe we can achieve.”  Law of Mind/Action says, thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.  Napoleon Hill said, “All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.”  Coaches teach athletes to do “mental rehearsals” – see the ball going in the hole/hoop/home run etc. See themselves at peak performance.  Vision boards or treasure maps are to help imagine setting goals and seeing them happen.  We have lots of messages from lots of areas of our lives that are saying the same thing – What we think about we bring about.  What we imagine, what we dream about, we make manifest – the good the beautiful as well as, the bad and the ugly.  All our powers are always working, so we might as well be conscious of how we are putting them to work in our lives.

In Divine Audacity, Linda Bartella-Whitsset describes 3 different aspects of imagination: conception, vision, embodiment.

Conception is any constructive idea we can conceive which comes from the infinite energetic field that we live in.  Everything is created twice, first in the mind.  We can imagine the best and/or the worst.  Our conceiving power is unlimited.  The amount of ideas are limitless, like fish in the sea, or grains of sand on a beach, or leaves on all the trees.  We have bright ideas pop-up all the time.  The more we exercise our conceiving power, the more we allow ourselves to imagine.  Desire leads to conception!  Our need or desire for solutions to problems and creative expression harness imagination.  Our awareness of conceiving power catalyzes it.  Some examples are:

  1. Prior to the 19th century, there were not right and left shoes. They were so uncomfortable, somebody invented “Custom shoes”, one for the right foot and one for the left.
  2. Ben Franklin grew weary of putting on and taking off his two sets of glasses. He conceived bifocals.

And the list goes on and on.

Visioning is dreaming what has not yet manifest.  To envision is to create in the mind, the 1st and most necessary step.  We have the capacity to envision possibilities beyond our present knowledge.  This is our leap from what is – to what can be.  In metaphysics, creation occurs by the union of head and heart.  What can be, can be when we hold a vision/idea in our mind, develop it by imagining it, fleshed out into manifestation and FEEL THE THRILL OF FULFILLMENT while incubating the idea in mind!  Feel the benefit in advance of its fulfillment.  Abraham Hicks says, “if we concentrate our attention and feel what it will feel like to have that intention in reality for 17 seconds, that 17 second experience as much benefit as if we had labored full time for a year.” Now that is powerful.  What can be, can be when I hold a potent idea while I feel, NOW, how I expect to feel when it is fulfilled.  Thinking and feeling as one creative mind activity is simple – but yet a very underutilized practice.  Do this practice every day!  Specifically describe what you are doing and feeling in your vision!  Read it or write it down every day.  The vibration we hold by feeling what we want, energizes us and links us with positive heart’s desires!

Embodiment is us being the future we envision because that future demands we be the person who can live that desired future.  We must embody the dream or be a living expression of the qualities required to become reality.  Who am I and how do I live when I am on purpose, conceiving of and envisioning fulfillment?  Live as if!  I embody the character necessary for the ideal to become real.  What do you imagine is your purpose?  A clue exists in your greatest desires.

As we cultivate and activate our powers of conception, vision and embodiment, we will live life audaciously and authentically.  We will begin to see ourselves as a divine human here to remind others of their Divine Identity!  My invitation to you this month, is to recognize, affirm and know that you too are a unique individual expression of Love.  Use your Divine Imagination to imagine, envision, dream and conceptualize what living your life as the powerful Spiritual being, that you are, would look like.  Instead of living your life in reaction to what you see and experience from the ego perspective, live from this playful light of Imagination.  Imagine the peace, joy, love, power, faith, radiant health, abundance and zeal that will be brought to life and made radiantly visible to yourself and to everyone you came into contact with if your Highest Consciousness was in charge of your life!

What I like to remind everyone now is, it is your choice each minute of each day, Ego or God?  Imagine, visualize, embody, act as if, day dream, night dream BUT always – Dream Big!

Ending Affirmations:

  • My imagination brings possibilities to life.
  • I am in the flow of images and thoughts that expand my life.
  • I am willing to stretch and to imagine new possibilities.
  • I daydream my life into reality!