Are you open to deeper understanding?  Are you aware of how Spiritual understanding adds to & empowers your live?  What is “standing under” your thoughts and beliefs?  We can all grow and learn in our understanding.  Just a few ways I continue to grow in my understanding is in that of marriage.  In understanding other faith traditions and of course understanding myself by uncovering my authentic self.

As we take this journey to awaken our Spiritual nature, let us be reminded it is the greatest journey we can ever undertake.  As we develop our personal consciousness into Spiritual consciousness, we begin to deliberately train, deepen our understanding and use our 12 powers more effectively.  Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity says, “Understanding is one of the essential parts of our I AM identity.”

A way to see ourselves is to see that we are the seed of the I AM maturing, like a tree with 12 branches – one for each of our 12 powers.  Think of it like this: Our divinity or fulfillment is the balance, coordination and expression of all of our 12 Powers, from the Love seed within us.  This helps us to understand.  We can see what stands under our existence and our growth process.

Let’s start with the definition of understanding.  Understanding is the ability to know, perceive, and apprehend through the powers of comprehension, realization and insight.  It is the ability to make sense of all our 12 Powers and of life.  It allows us to know that Divine Mind stands under all things.  It is being aware that what “stands under” me is the eternal growth process.

The Revealing Word defines, “Spiritual Understanding is the quickening of the Spirit within.  Spiritual Understanding is the ability of the mind to apprehend and realize the laws of thought and the relation of ideas one to another.”  It is comprehending, internalizing and then living the truth we know.  It dawns over time and through study and reflection, or it can come in a flash – suddenly the light shines.

Knowledge is acquiring facts.  Understanding is making sense of those facts.  Preceding understanding is a desire to understand (the heart).

The Power of Understanding is located behind the right eye in the right brain which, is where our spiritual understanding lives or comes from.  The color that represents understanding is gold because it reminds us of something that has great value.

Solomon was called the wisest man in the world and he said, “With all of my getting, what I want is understanding.

Understanding is never final, as we grow and heal, so our understanding evolves.  Understanding is relational.   It is that sense of “getting it”.  There is intellectual understanding (Information/wisdom), which tells us what is going on in the world.  Spiritual understanding (inspiration/guidance and intuition) tells us why and what we can do about it.  Spiritual understanding brings meaning and good to whatever is going on earth.  We can see Love in all of it, but we have to seek it.  Go deeper.  Seek first to understand.  When we want to control, seek first to understand and to love.

Wisdom, as opposed to understanding, arises in the moment we need it.  It is our innate ability to know the way to go, based on spiritual judgement, discernment and intuition.  Wisdom is in the gut, centered in the second brain, the solar plexus. Intuitive knowing, spiritual intuition, mental action based on the Highest Consciousness or Truth within.  It includes judgement, discrimination, intuition and all the departments of the mind that come under the head of knowing.  It transcends intellectual knowing.

Understanding sometimes requires us to have faith and know that our highest good is unfolding despite what we may experience with our physical senses.  It’s trusting the light will once again be found, even in what may appear to be the darkest tunnel.  Understanding is more of a knowing that all is unfolding for our highest good.  It is knowing and trusting that the path before you will lead you to a destination far more beautiful than you ever dared to dream.  Seek first to understand!  Before we judge, criticize or complain about another or before trying to make a decision.

In Divine Audacity, Linda Martella-Whitsett says understanding is the power of comprehension, realization and insight.  The following is from her book.

“Comprehension is our ability to discover connections between thought and feeling.  We learn about our own Divine Identity.  It comes from listening to our life.  By activating our innate power of understanding, we see the past in context of wholeness.

“Charles Fillmore in the Revealing word says, “There are two ways of getting understanding.  One is by following the guidance of Spirit that dwells within, and the other is to go blindly ahead and learn by hard experience.”  I have done it both ways – following Spirit is so much simpler and less painful.  Notice, I did not say easier.

“Realization is either a flash of understanding or a gradual dawning.  It comes as a result of growing comprehension.  It is effortless and expressed as, “It came to me!”  or “Suddenly, it all made sense.” or “It was revealed to me!”  Many realizations come from hearing stories which are told as dreams or visions.  Storytelling, using visions or dreams, is an effectual way to teach spiritual principles because it appeals to the intellect and the heart.  Have you ever awakened in the morning or in the middle of the night, with a clear answer to a pressing question?  Comprehension engages intellect, realization arises from our heart, which Charles Fillmore considered another brain, the center of the spirit of truth.

“Insight is our capacity to employ realization in particular circumstances.  It is applied understanding.  The more you have comprehended and realized Spiritual truths, the more likely your insights will be accurate and useful.  Insight is spiritual intelligence arising in both head and heart.  Compassion is the fruit of understanding.  I can think, feel and act with compassion.  Insight is a sense of understanding that my neighbor and I are from the same light of God.   It is an awareness of how to respond rather than react.  How to behold the inherent good in others and myself and then behave in the light of truth, insight is present awareness of our divine humanity and Divine Identity.”


How to cultivate Understanding?

Have you ever seen the reflection of a tree, or the sky in the stillness of a lake or a body of water?  When the water is churning, if the wind is blowing or somebody throws something in the lake, you cannot see a reflection at all, correct?

It is the same for understanding.  We cannot understand when our mind is churning.  When our emotions are high, when we are in the midst of turmoil or struggling to make a decision.  Clarity comes with stillness, just like the tree’s reflection.  The understanding and guidance of our heart, mind and spirit, cannot become clear while the mind is all mixed up.  Understanding comes as we practice becoming still.

If you are feeling confused and need greater understanding, practice stilling your mind. Take time to reflect and listen to your inner guidance.  Repeating a single word; watching the dance of a candle flame.  Understanding takes time, love and patience.  Asking/seeking leads to study, meditation and comprehension.

Comprehension and realization facilitate insight – the ability to see the truth in the midst of circumstance.  In relationship understanding says, “I am not irritated or disappointed with you because you are different from me.  I don’t want to change you to be like me; I embrace you as you are.  I respect and even nurture our differences.”

The Power of Understanding reminds us we are all one, and what stands under us is the eternal growth process that allows us to be in relationship with this kind of Faith, love, and grace.