“Divine Love is flowing through my mind and emotions, dissolving in my consciousness all hard thought and hard feelings toward others and healing the resultant manifestations in my body.  If any part of my body needs healing, Divine Love is now restoring it to wholeness.  Love purifies whatever needs cleansing, banishes infection, completely dissolves false growth.  Divine Love fills me with harmony, health and vigor.”       Claudine Whitaker


This quote speaks to our Power of Love and is what we are working on this month.  Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity realized that when Jesus attained a certain soul development, he called His 12 disciples to Him.  Charles helps us see the metaphysical interpretation of Jesus calling upon his disciples and what that means for us in our lives as we seek higher consciousness.  As we develop our personal consciousness into spiritual consciousness, we begin to deliberately train, deepen our understanding and use these powers more effectively.

The Power of Love is the highest of all the 12 Powers.  The color for this power is pink and the location is in back of our heart.  In Keep a True Lent, Charles Fillmore says, “Love, in Divine Mind, is the idea of universal unity.  In expression, it is the power that joins and binds together the universe and everything in it.  Love is a harmonizing and constructive power.  When it is made active in consciousness, it conserves substance and reconstructs, rebuilds and restores us and our world.”

Usually when we think of love, we think of romantic love, and more specifically, we want someone to love us.  This is a kind of love, but not the same as the Power of Love!  The heart is a muscle and it is the center of our love.  Like all muscles, it is supposed to be used.  Love is an action – it is an activity of our soul.  We radiate love and it is magnetic.  Love binds this universe together, draws everything to us.  Love unites us with all that we desire and need!  We think this is great when we get what we desire, but maybe not so great when we get what we need for our highest good.  I am sure there are situations and people in your life right now that you do not particularly care for.   These are the places we need to remember they are here from Love.  It is the way we stretch, grow, and heal.  Think back over your life and be honest.  When you have gone through tough stuff, were you the same person in the other side?  I am guessing you were not.  Hopefully, all of life’s challenges made you better, stronger more expansive.

A good habit to get into is to change the questions you ask yourself.  Ask empowering questions like, “How could this be the very best thing that could happen?  Or, “What is love trying to help me see here?  If you listen you will get an answer and be better for it.  These questions open the door to seeing how good life is.

Love is unconditional – part of our journey is to accept the way things are and trust they are all for our good.  But we often don’t see how.  The truth is, it is not our job to see or know how – it is our job to radiate love to all that is!  I once heard, “If you don’t see the good in it, it is not over yet.”  I believe this to be true.

Take a moment right now and tap in to see what it is inside of you that you are not thrilled about.  All the places we want to blame, be mad, feel insecure, these are all opportunities to love others and/or ourselves.  As you focus on it in your heart and beam love to it, a love that loves. Remember when things are not going according to your plan – send love.  We all want to be ready for love, to have loving relationships.  We want to magnetize whatever it is that life wants to give us.  See it all as Love.  It is an energy of Love that Loves all of it!  Allows all of it!  Get ready to allow all of it.

Our power, one of our 12 Powers, really, our highest Power, is Love.  Don’t give that away in the sense of allowing yourself to be anything accept always ready to Love.  That is what we are here to be.  As we fill our thoughts with Love, we see through the eyes of the Divine or Law – We can’t get any closer to the Divine then to see through the eyes of Love.

Another perspective is that the Divine or Law is Omnipresent.  Living with this knowing we must logically cast out fear.  We cannot fear anything or anyone when we have the full realization that the Divine is everywhere, that the Divine is Love and Love is the Great Power of Life!

I want to share two ways we can expand into this kind of Love.    1. Rev. Kelly Isola – Preacher Chic – Suggested up-leveling our thinking and consciousness from the Golden Rule:  Do unto others as you would like to have done onto you, to the Platinum Rule:  Do unto others as they would like to have done onto them.   To make this shift, to treat others as they would like to be treated, we shift our focus to the other person.  This shift in consciousness takes connection, empathy, standing in another’s shoes, walking a mile in their moccasins.  We have to get to know you, acknowledge what we have in common and celebrate our differences and uniqueness.  She says we “need to learn what brings us together and what drives us apart so we can heal together.  When we listen and give of ourselves freely, we are practicing care between self and other.  We open to the power of togetherness to oneness and how that brings more love, prosperity, meaning to our lives.”

When you think about the fact that we are here to be in service to one another, why not do it in a way that the other is looking for, asking for and needing.  In order to become a part of the bigger picture, the togetherness/oneness picture, we must be willing to step into the unknown.

This means I must be present enough to know what matters to you, and then I can see how I am connected to you.   By “going Platinum” we expand and become part of the greater whole.  This is the Power of Love.  It magnifies all good to us as we serve, heal & grow.  Love yourself and others enough to uphold the Platinum Rule.  Experience the Power of Unity.

A second way to live the Power of Love is with forgiveness.  Michael Beckwith says all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.  He defines forgiveness as the releasing of the mental, emotional and physical toxicity that comes from carrying resentment and animosity.  It is how we move out of victim consciousness.  When we forgive, we are letting go of the blame and the shame and opening up ourselves to taking responsibility for our own lives.  As you forgive and let go, release the perceptions and beliefs that produce toxicity, you set yourself free.

There are two ways of forgiveness:

  1. Forgive someone else for something they did or said about u.
  2. Self-Forgiveness – you forgive yourself for what you did or said, knowingly or unknowingly, that caused harm to someone else.

Beckwith says all forgiveness is self-forgiveness because when we forgive, we are unbinding ourselves from a perception that causes harm to ourselves.  Unforgiveness is a form of self-abuse because you keep repeating the thoughts that are producing toxic chemicals in the body, debilitating your immune system and breaking coherence of the brain so you cannot fully function optimally.

When we forgive ourselves, guilt, shame and blame are neutralized by the unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness which saturate your awareness, your heart and your entire being.  Hold yourself accountable to doing this forgiveness process every day.  Become still. Visualize the individual and see their face and forgive them.  Do this for 15 minutes a day until you know and feel you have moved into the dynamic of forgiveness.  You know you are done when you don’t cringe when you hear their name.  You haven’t forgotten what happened but the energy around what happened is diminished.  It becomes an event that took place in your experience, which strengthened your capacity to love yourself and to love.  Thoughts about this person will have no effect on you.

Stages of Forgiveness: (M. Beckwith)

  • Stage 1 – willing to forgive
  • Stage 2 – The practice forgiveness (the meditation)
  • Stage 3 – be willing to see things from their perspective. Doesn’t mean you have to agree, but you understand that person.  This births compassion in us.
  • Stage 4 – We wish them well – Really wish they are doing well in life.
  • Stage 5 – do something symbolically to send positive energy in their direction. Putting out an affirmative energy in their direction.

Set yourself free.  Use this practice to see and experience The Power of Love in your life.  See how it unites you to all that is and your limitless nature.

Summary on how to experience the Power of Love:

  • Ask “How could this be the very best thing that could happen? What is Love showing me now?
  • Remember this when things are not going according to our plan – send love.
  • The Platinum Rule – Do unto others as they want done to them.
  • Forgiveness – Expands us into unity with all that is and our limitlessness.

Give us the courage, the strength and the wisdom to find new ways to love like we have never loved before!


Ending Affirmations:


  • Denial – Any sense of discord or conflict evaporates; I let go of resentment, anger and blame right now.
  • Affirmation – I am a radiating center of God’s Love; I am harmony and serenity.
  • An inexhaustible stream of divine love pours through me, blessing others and myself.
  • Love is universal unity – I am connected to all that is!