That is exactly what I am doing with this first blog post – taking the leap!

I have been here many times before in my life, taking such a leap.  I live by the saying, “If I am not on the green edges of growing, I am taking up too much space.”  Not only writing this is scary for me but the topic – yikes!  I say this because my target audience has been corporate America since 1993, and I am hoping the word “faith” does not push anyone away.  When I googled it, the definition is, “complete confidence in someone or something”, and that is what I want to talk about – confidence!

For many years, my passion was to help people reduce stress.  Although I still love doing that, I am more excited about helping people show-up, stand up and be the best, most authentic version of themselves.  This is what we are all here to do.  Some people think they have to find their purpose.  I believe we all have the same purpose – be the best we can be.  This is a full time job when we begin to look at all the places we hide, make excuses, become critical and judgmental and anything else that makes us feel less than the amazing being we are.

A few months back I began doing Metta Meditation every day.  This meditation is specifically to develop compassionate, first for yourself and then others.  The daily practice helped me realize all the places I was really hard on myself and others.  It profoundly changed my life.  I have had a meditation and mindfulness practice for years, but this brought me to a new level of awareness.  It made me realize where I did not have faith, or more accurately say, I had faith in my fears.  Once I realized this, I put my faith where my fear was and magic happened.

This pandemic has forced me to take a few leaps.  One is, I published my first book, “From Stressed to Blessed”.  You can get it at Amazon books or from my website,  The title alone was another leap.  Originally, I was going to use, “From Stressed to Your Best”, but I felt like I was selling myself short.   My first intuition for the book title clearly came through as, “From Stressed to Blessed”, so I went with my gut…after of course I sent out a survey to see what other people thought.  I am not saying not to check things out, but really take note how often your gut is right.  Our intuition comes from that highest place of knowing within each of us.  We just have to learn to be quiet and listen to it.

I like to keep things short and to the point, so to wrap this up – I am here to encourage you to take the leap, or the tiny steps toward showing up and shining your light bright.  You are worth it and the world not only is waiting for you, but the world needs you!  Trust if the world did not need you, you would not be here at this time and in this place.

Until we meet again, know you are blessed and you are always a blessing!